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    Let's Start! Maths is a six-level course based on the Model drawing approach, which was developed in Singapore and led them to the top of the ranking. The series uses effective learning and teaching methodologies in order to smoothly ease primary learners into the exciting world of Maths. Aimed at the development of problem-solving skills in young learners, the series introduces a variety of word problems to challenge them. The main goal of the series is the improvement of students’ deductive skills in order to help them achieve mathematical proficiency.

    • cover pages with high-quality illustrations to attract the interest of primary students
    • colour-defined frames with detailed theory
    • graded activities to enable students to comprehend core mathematical concepts and processes and to ensure the gradual development of mathematical knowledge
    • a 'Solve the problems' section that aims to help students strengthen essential problem-solving skills in context
    • a glossary with visual representations, age-appropriate definitions and examples that ensure the gradual development of students' vocabulary
    • step-by-step lesson plans for each unit
    • thought-provoking questions that promote exploration of mathematical concepts and processes
    • a Mid-Year and a Final-Year test with activities to assess students' attainment of knowledge and skills