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    CEFR: A1-C1

    For secondary school students, the question isn’t only which coursebook(s) to use, but also which levels. This depends on how much English they learnt at primary school and what they would like to achieve. The NAT2020 states that students need to reach B2, with a minimum requirement of the lower-level matura exam.

    Grade 12

    For grade 12, we recommend Matura Leader B1 or Matura Leader Plus B2, depending on which exam students want to take. Using Matura Leader Plus B2 has the additional benefit that students are also prepared for a language exam. For students who wish to reach an even higher level, we have Traveller Plus C1 or Pioneer C1/C1+..

    Grade 9-11

    We have two main coursebooks: Traveller Plus and Pioneer. They have a different approach to teaching English. Pioneer contains more modern methodology and is more effective. However, it requires language intelligence and active student participation, which isn’t always understood properly. This makes Pioneer particularly good for the better and more intelligent students. Traveller Plus has a more traditional approach.

    Depending on the how much students have learnt at primary school, there is a choice of different levels of the coursebook:

    Beginners, Elementary & Pre-intermediate (followed by Matura Leader B1)

    Elementary, Pre-intermediate & Intermediate B1 (followed by Matura Leader B1 or Matura Leader Plus B2)

    Pre-intermediate, Intermediate B1, B1+ (followed by Matura Leader Plus B2)

    For bilingual and higher performing schools: Intermediate B1, B1+, B2 and C1


    Due to the huge amount of English lessons in year 0, we recommend teachers to use at least two levels of the coursebook.